Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As I was driving to Phx today I realized something. and it will seem like rambling but I think it is an important ramble. I have always thought of Arizona and dry and ugly. the only thing here is dirt and plants that are mean. But while driving here this evening and I realized that Arizona is not ugly it is just a different kind of beautiful. for example this is what I call beautiful................

and this is what I came to see as a different kind of beautiful.

So I applyed it to life and came to realize that the same kind logic works in real life as well. for instance just because I think this is pretty

Does not mean that this is not pretty as well.....

So I came to realize that to only thing that makes you beauty is what is inside ( I know cheesy but true) and the only way to be beautiful is to be indifferent to what people think and be who you are. The waterfall in the wilderness and the sunset in Arizona dont care if people stop and look at it or if they think they are beautiful the waterfall still runs and the sun still sets. So one of my new goals is to stop being a human and start being that sunset that shins for everyone to see no matter if they like what they see or not.

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  1. I love you and I have always thought you were beautiful! I love your new out look on life!