Monday, August 2, 2010

an inspiring family member

A week ago I spent a few days down in phx and the reason for the trip was my aunts retirement party. Now this retirement was not a planned thing to start off with a good or happy thing. What really struck me and opened my eyes to a lesson to be learned was that my aunt flipped it around. She took this what could be tragic news and threw a party.She decided to turn her attitude around and said to the world nope I'm determined to be happy. She currently has no other job but has said that her plans for the futer are to stay busy. She is not going to stay at home and feel sorry for herslef she is determined to get out there and find things, She is an inspiration to me and should e to us all. She can take something as scary as losing her job and said well there is always an upside. She chanced her world by changing her attitude. The one little thing that makes a big difference. So when life gives you lemons throw a party. I love you aunt Loretta and thank you for giving me some inspiration.

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